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Marketing Customer Engagement Business Implications

Question: Talk about the Report for Marketing Customer Engagement of Business Implications. Answer: Presentation: In the current business condition, associations use steadfastness program to guarantee future organizations. Dependability program additionally help to distinguish social pattern, spending example and future needs of the clients. In this task, the attention will be on Fly Buys that speak to biggest unwaveringness program in the nation. The organization set up in 1996 to create reliability program that could ready to perceive the buyers of the New Zealand. By and by Fly Buys has around 2.5 million cardholders with in excess of 50 colleagues. Just about 3,00,000 time New Zealanders swipe the card each day (New Zealand's #1 unwaveringness program., 2016). Be that as it may, increment challenges in the market have making parcel of troubles for the program to keep up its prevalence. The report will assess choices that Fly Buys can use for keeping up its situation in the market. Contextual investigation suggested choice: From the investigation, I have evaluated that Fly Buys concentrating on the brand extending strategy so as to keep up its ubiquity in the market. According to the article by Singh (2013), brand extending mirrors an advertising system where an association advance item or administrations with an all around created picture for giving various kinds of items and administrations. I found that Chris have deliberately attempted to use the brand fame for the further usage of the faithfulness program. The contextual investigation has chosen brand-extending technique for the improvement of the devotion program as it can give a few advantages. I trust Chris chose brand extending technique to lessen the see danger of the clients at the time benefiting administrations. It will likewise help Fly Buys to limit the special expense for initiating more individuals to benefit the administrations. Besides, I have recognized that the contextual analysis featured that Fly Buys have 71% portion of the New Z ealand family unit showcase. Along these lines, it set up the way that the Fly Buys is amazingly mainstream in giving unwaveringness administrations to the clients. Accordingly, I accept that the chose methodology of Chris is very compelling to build the ubiquity of the reliability program. Interchange alternative suggest by the creator: Be that as it may, I feel Fly Buys can likewise decide to present new brand for improving the fame in the market. In any case, I do accept that Fly Buys need to experience legitimate arranging and examination methodology so as to dispatch another brand effectively in the market. I accept that advancement of new brand will assist with confronting the future difficulties in a substantially more successful manner. Hence, I accept that directors of Fly Buys should settle on quality choice so as to satisfy the goal of propelling new brand in the market (Rosenbaum-Elliott et al., 2015). I feel that if supervisors of Fly Buys can really assess the current market circumstance in an appropriate manner, new brand create can really give more purchasers to the association. I likewise feel that advancement of new brand can really permit Fly Buys to use creative plans to for the infiltrating the market in a legitimate manner. Besides, use of legitimate market investigation will permit Fly Buys to build up the brand in a substantially more viable manner (Albrecht et al., 2013). I feel that on the off chance that Fly Buys select new brand improvement procedures, at that point the organization can keep up two distinct databases for the two brands. Along these lines, it will be simpler for the organization to recognize the viability of the executed technique. Near investigation between the suggested alternative by the contextual analysis and by the creator: From the above conversation, it very well may be evaluate that both the alternatives have their own advantages for the association. For example, on the off chance that Fly Buys select Chriss alternative of brand extending, at that point it will limit the hazard in the market. Be that as it may, same brand name doesn't give a lot of preferred position in growing new clients (Abosag, Roper Hind, 2012). Then again, in the event that Fly Buys decides to execute new brand advancement technique, at that point the organization should contribute more on the limited time battle. In any case, I accept advancement of new brand will assist with catching the eye of the new client. In present complex business condition, I feel each association needs to concentrate on proceeds with advancement of client base. Else, it can make immense measure of negative effect on the supportability in the market. In this manner, I think using new brand will be similarly increasingly valuable for the Fly Buys. From the above contextual investigation, I have evaluated that Fly Buys have immense measure of notoriety in the New Zealand showcase. In this way, it is normal that the brand have their own base of clients. Thus, use of brand extending methodology will assist with executing same system for the improvement of the prevalence (Spiggle, Nguyen Caravella, 2012). Be that as it may, Fly Buys are available in the market for a significant stretch of time. In this manner, the brand has almost no territory for entrance. Besides, Fly Buys is consistently using same methodologies for keeping up its situation in the market. According to the article by Kapferer (2012), associations need to use imaginative procedures for creating solid connection with the clients. Along these lines, if Fly Buys use new brand advancement methodology, it will make positive effect on the client dedication program. Also, improvement of new brand really permits Fly Buys to use imaginative faithfulness program techniques like youth card and senior card (He, Li Harris, 2012). Besides, it is normal that significance of dedication card will increment in future. Along these lines, new brand advancement really expands the viability of market division that inevitably makes positive effect on the situating of the new brand (Stobart, 2016). Then again, I accept brand extending can really make immense measure of negative effect in the event that one of the item or administration fizzled in the market. Since, I accept that brand extending really conveys the notoriety of the whole association. Subsequently, when one item or administration fizzled in the market, it makes negative observation on other item and administrations too. Ramifications of the creators suggested choice: According to the article by Ferguson et al. (2016), new brand improvement is amazingly critical for supporting development in the market. Notwithstanding, I do accept that improvement of solid brand relies upon the away from and vision of the association. Else, it may not ready to give same degree of advantages. The ramifications of the suggested alternative are as per the following: Procure unwaveringness of new clients: I accept if Fly Buys can ready to assess the need of the market appropriately, brand advancement technique will make positive effect on the client devotion. I additionally feel that presentation of new brand will expand interest of the individuals that in the long run impact them to remain related with the association. Increase upper hand: I feel usage of beyond what one brand can really help Fly Buys to improve its degree of acknowledgment in the commercial centers. Therefore, it really encourages Fly Buys to increase upper hand in the market. Besides, I think in the event that one brand loses its infiltration, Fly Buys can use different alternatives to keep up its choice in the market. Concentrate on conveying esteem: I feel that if Fly Buys can make an exceptional incentive for the new brand, it will assist with improving its situation in the market. Moreover, I accept that extraordinary offer will permit Fly Buys to concentrate less on persuading the clients. Ensure against cost undermining and financial change: I feel that use of more than one brand really will help Fly Buys to execute diverse estimating structure at the hour of monetary change. Along these lines, it will help buyers of Fly Buys to remain related with the association. End and suggestion: The above conversation features the way that both the alternatives have certain advantages. Then again, both the alternatives need to consider a few variables so as to get fruitful in the market. In any case, I feel that brand extending includes an excess of hazard as it really chances whole notoriety of the association. In this way, I will prescribe Fly Buys to use new brand improvement system to keep up the faithfulness level of the shoppers. In any case, I will likewise prescribe Fly Buys to assess the market needs appropriately before the presentation of new brand in the market. References: Abosag, I., Roper, S., Hind, D. (2012). Analyzing the connection between brand feeling and brand augmentation among supporters of expert football clubs.European Journal of marketing,46(9), 1233-1251. Albrecht, C. M., Backhaus, C., Gurzki, H., Woisetschlger, D. M. (2013). Drivers of brand augmentation achievement: What truly matters for extravagance brands.Psychology Marketing,30(8), 647-659. Ferguson, G., Ferguson, G., Lau, K. C., Lau, K. C., Phau, I., Phau, I. (2016). Brand character as an immediate reason for brand augmentation achievement: does self-checking matter?.Journal of Consumer Marketing,33(5), 343-353. He, H., Li, Y., Harris, L. (2012). Social personality point of view on brand loyalty.Journal of Business Research,65(5), 648-657. Kapferer, J. N. (2012).The new key brand the board: Advanced experiences and vital reasoning. Kogan page distributers. New Zealand's #1 dedication program.. (2016).Fly Buys. Recovered 10 August 2016, from Rosenbaum-Elliott, R., Percy, L., Elliott, R. H., Pervan, S. (2015).Strategic brand the board. Oxford University Press, USA. Singh, D. (2013). The brand character part of brand generosity: a few predecessors and consequences.Brand value publicizing: Advertising's job in building solid brands, 83. Spiggle, S., Nguyen, H. T., Caravella, M. (2012). More than fit: brand expansion authenticity.Journal of Marketing Resea

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Concepts and principles of emergency management Essay

Ideas and standards of crisis the board - Essay Example In Australia, most recent measurements on auto collisions appear to demonstrate that street mishaps are expanding in recurrence; street passings related to such fender benders are likewise expanding. In 2005, Australia previously positioned seventh out of 15 created countries for street passings per 100 million vehicle kilometers voyaged (Fallah, 2007). Crises - are â€Å"incidents that undermine open wellbeing, wellbeing and government assistance (Department of Environmental Management, n.d, p. 1). Crises may likewise fluctuate in size, area, causes, and impacts; yet paying little mind to contrasts in such components, they all register with different natural impacts. They are likewise characterized by the Emergency Management Institute (n.d) as unforeseen episodes or occasions which imperil lives or property, thus requiring dire and routine reactions through network assets and methods. Models include: street blocking avalanches, long force blackouts, backwoods fires, episodes of infections, and warmth waves (Central Coast Center Independent Living, n.d). There were two slides in Australia from 1939 to 2007; 28 were slaughtered and around 101 people were influenced (CRED, 2007). There were 28 out of control fires from 1939 to 2007 and this caused the demise of around 300 people and harms up to 1.2 million US dollars (CRED, 2007). T here was one pestilence from 1939 to 2007. No passings and no harms were accounted for yet 6 individuals were influenced (CRED, 2007). Debacles are characterized by Emergency Management Australia (2004, p. ix) as â€Å"a condition or circumstance of noteworthy demolition, disturbance and additionally pain to a community†. The United Nations (1992) characterize a debacle as â€Å"a genuine disturbance of the working of society, causing boundless human, material, or natural misfortunes which surpass the capacity of influenced society to adapt utilizing its own resources† (UN Glossary, 1992).

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Essay Writing Services in Australia

Essay Writing Services in AustraliaIf you need an essay writing services Australia can provide you with a variety of benefits for your task. When looking for professional writers in Australia, here are some things you should take into consideration to ensure that you get the best possible service.The writing is the first thing that should come to mind when looking for an essay writing service. There are many service providers in Australia that offer different types of essay writing services. Before you hire any service provider to make sure that you have a good idea about the type of writing you will be doing.Professional writers in Australia often write on a variety of topics, including poetry, essays, reports, and technical documentation. They are also required to also have extensive knowledge about the specific topic. For example, if you are writing about a particular historical event, you would need to choose a writer who specializes in this area.Writers in Australia are also req uired to do some research and read books as well as watch documentaries to get information. As a result, you need to be able to find writers that have extensive knowledge on the topic that you want them to write about. Also, some writers in Australia can also be trained as essay readers or even compositionists. You can find some of these people online or in specialized universities.In addition to researching the topics of the essay you are working on, the writer in Australia should also be able to present you with a coherent and well-written piece. The writer should be able to make any idea come to life by carefully using interesting words, proper grammar, and spelling, and clear, concise sentences. When looking for essay writing services in Australia, you also need to find out if the writer can present you with good ideas, as well as deliver the essay with skill. If the writer can't present you with good ideas, then it is wise to hire someone else.Writing skills are one of the most important things when hiring essay writing services. There are many ways to test the writing skills of a writer in Australia. One way is to read the finished piece and see if it is a good representation of the writer's talent and ability.The next way to determine if the service provider you are thinking of hiring is a good writer is to see how they have written an earlier piece. Look at the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, as well as the use of language. This will give you a sense of whether the writer was serious about their craft or if they just copied a work of another.One of the most important things to consider when looking for essay writing services in Australia is the time constraints. Many essay writing services in Australia will require that you present your ideas within a given time frame. However, you should always look for someone that can finish the project in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Persepolis and the Iranian Revolution - 2467 Words

Dean K. Myers THL 357 Research Project 2,421 words Persepolis and the Iranian Revolution Persepolis was made in 2007. The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name. Persepolis is directed by Marjane Satrapi. The story is derived from her own personal experiences growing up during the Iranian Revolution (also called the Islamic Revolution) in Tehran, Iran. Included will be an in-depth analysis of the factors that caused the Revolution as well as an accounting of conditions in Iran during that era. A brief comparison of the current situation within Iran and how it is connected to the Iranian Revolution is also necessary. Persepolis is loosely based on the life of Satrapi. Lauded over by celebrated critics known†¦show more content†¦(Keddie 7) Later evidence will show that protests continue to be an effective tool in the rejection of oppression. This Sharia-based influence gained ultimate momentum going into the Iranian Revolution. In Islam: The Straight Path, Esposito gives four reasons for this religious resurgence. Ironically, these reasons parallel many of the factors leading to the downfall of the Shah’s reign. The first is a crisis experienced by Iranians caused by â€Å"loss of identity, and lack of self-esteem.† (pg 160) The Shah’s 1974 economic plan meant to raise Iran’s prosperity due to the influx of capital created by the oil boom. Instead in 1978, following four years of economic prosperity, an economic downturn was experienced by Iran. This caused construction and other similar industries to lay off many workers in the cities. The now-unemployed workers, many of them moving from rural areas, were left to fend for themselves. Oil profits and the nepotism of the Shah towards his favored constituents continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor as well. This ignited the ire of the Iranian people. The second is the Iranian disillusionment with Muslim leaders and their Western-inspired system of government (Espo sito, 160). For years the Shah was deemed a puppet of Western government. Britain was the main player during the first half of the 20th century, withShow MoreRelatedPersepolis And The Iranian Revolution1917 Words   |  8 PagesIn the graphic novel, â€Å"Persepolis† Marjane’s way of living is completely changed by the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian revolution entails the overthrow of the Pahlavi dynasty under â€Å"the Shah†, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi. After 1979, the main character of the novel, Marjane, is about ten years old and lives through the changes made after the revolution beginning in primary school. These changes as a new Islamic republic included a stricter government, capital punishment for protest, mandatory dressRead MoreIranian Revolution and Comic Book Persepolis1136 Words   |  5 PagesPersepolis The memoir of Marjane Satrapi growing up in Iran is written as a very personal account in the comic book Persepolis. This is a story that describes her life during the Islamic Revolution which includes her moral, physical, religious, and psychological struggles she endured. Being the setting of a bloody war with Iraq, Iran was not the ideal environment Marjane’s parents wanted her to grow up in. Persepolis represents a unique life of a child in Tehran, Iran and the actions she tookRead MorePersepolis : The Iranian Revolution And The Western World1980 Words   |  8 PagesPersepolis is a graphic novel that depicts what it was like growing up first hand in Iran during the 1980s’. Through the eyes of main character and author, Marjane Satrapi, the effects of the Western world and the Iranian Revolution are demonstrated to be consistently evolving and influencing Marjane’s childhood. The Iranian Revolution’s outcomes especially. In the beginning, Marjane is considered to be a very religious child who speaks to God all the time, loves to read and wanted to be a prophetRead MoreMarjane Satrapis Persepolis: A Personal Version and Vision of the Iranian Revolution1341 Words   |  5 PagesPersepolis: Marjane Satrapis personal version and vision of the Iranian Revolution Marjane Satrapis Persepolis is a graphic novel that suggests that there is a sharp discrepancy between the world of the Iranian Revolution, as depicted in the Western media, versus how many Iranians experienced it in the context of their own lives. Satrapi was the product of a liberal home environment. Behind closed doors, the life the young Marjane led was often very different from the images of burka-wearingRead MoreThe Rise Of The Iranian Revolution1375 Words   |  6 PagesIranian Revolution was its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by its supports. Supporters of the revolution were very mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader for Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install an IslamicRead Mor eThe Iranian Revolution And The Revolutionary Revolution1313 Words   |  6 PagesThe Iranian Revolution was its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by its supports. Supporters of the revolution stood mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader of Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install an IslamicRead MoreEvolution Of A Revolution : Live From Tehran An Abc Broadcast By Peter Jennings And Persepolis1184 Words   |  5 PagesThere are three central themes present in the two movies, Evolution of a Revolution: Live from Tehran an ABC broadcast by Peter Jennings and Persepolis by Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi. The two movies demonstrate the rising of Iranian Islamic Revolution and its cause and e ffect on the people of Iran. The three central themes within the movies are political culture and religion and exile. Firstly, in Evolution of a Revolution demonstrates within Iran the political powers have utilized their powerRead MoreThe Iranian Revolution Of Iran1317 Words   |  6 PagesThe Iranian Revolution was at its climax in 1979 with the Revolutionary goal being met by it’s supports. Supporters of the revolution stood mixed in their goals for a new Iran. The Islamic Extremist lead by Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to install an Islamic regime inside of Iran that would follow Islamic law. Religious clerics viewed the Shah as not being a positive leader of Iran and wanted him overthrown and the country left as is. Iranians such as the middle class and students wanted to install anRead MoreCultural Acceptance in Marjane Satrapis Persepolis1616 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Whitfield Logan English 102 Ighade 4-7-14 Cultural Acceptance in Persepolis Marjane Satrapi‘s graphic novel Persepolis  is an  autobiography that  depicts her childhood up to her early adult years in  Iran  during and after the  Islamic revolution.  Throughout the novel Satrapi incorporates character development, religion, and the conflict of freedom vs. confinement in order to develop a greater appreciation between two opposing eastern and western cultures. When analyzing the current relationshipRead MoreMarjane Satrapi s Persepolis 1501 Words   |  7 Pages The Iranian author of Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi, narrates a Bildungsroman showing her growth and development in Iran, as well as a memoir, showing the historical events in Iran. She discusses historical events like the Islamic revolution in 1979, which made it compulsory for the Iranian females to wear veils. Satrapi’s life story is mainly set in Iran, where she shows readers the strict, controlling and oppressive government the Iranians live under as well as the importance of clothing and body

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The Battle Against Fast Food - 1272 Words

From reading all five articles, the one I would have to agree with the most would be, â€Å"The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,† by Daniel Weintraub. Weintraub stated that if we are looking for someone to blame about our child obesity rate increasing in extreme amounts and our exercising rate decreasing, we should blame the guardians of the kids. To be more specific, if you have obese children, stop blaming them about their problem. Start to blame yourself. You are the cause to their problem by not teaching them that eating healthy is super important. My main reason why I truly believe that the parents are the ones to blame for children being obese, is because in the end they are the ones in charge of seeing what their children will eat at home. The parents are the ones that go grocery shopping. They decide what they will buy, not the children. It could be nutritional food, full of vitamins and proteins. If not then, it’s the easy way out. Meaning they buy chips, candy, and sugary drinks. in paragraph five of Weintraub’s article it included that, â€Å"It’s the fault of parents who let their kids eat unhealthy foods and sit in front of the television or computer for hours at a time.† If only the parents would teach their children to care about what they eat or that exercising is important, we wouldn’t have this problem. Don’t try to teach your children that eating healthy is important when they are teenagers, I am more than sure that they won’t care evenShow MoreRelatedThe Arguement of Parental Responsibility to Teach Health Habits in â€Å"The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,† Daniel Weintraub512 Words   |  3 Pagesarticle â€Å"The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,† Daniel Weintraub argues that it is the parents, not anybody else, who are responsible for teaching kids healthy eating and exercise habits. He also states that, â€Å"It’s the fault of the parents who let their kids eat unhealthy foods and sit in front of the television or computer for hours at a time.† His argument that parents are to blame for childhood obesity is correct to a certain extent but he fails to realize that fast food company’s marketingRead MoreThe Effects Of Advertising On Children s Obesity Rate1056 Words   |  5 PagesAdvertising on Children ’s Obesity Rate It has come down to this, there is an obesity epidemic. It s like people can’t stop themselves from eating so much. Well, I guess eating isn t necessarily the big problem here... It s the type of food that people are consuming, fast food. America tops the list of world s most obese countries. It s just sad and something needs to be done about it. The worst part is that there are so many children being affected by obesity. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control)Read MoreDaniel Weintraub Essay962 Words   |  4 PagesVictor Camacho Jr. 11/10/12 EXP WRIT P.1 WEINTRAUB The Battle against fast food begins at home ESSAY According to his article, â€Å"The Battle Against Fast Food Begins In The Home†, the author, columnist and blogger Daniel Weintraub, argues parents, not fast-food companies or the government are responsible for their childs health and well being. Weintraub supports this claim by providing data from the Center For Public Health Advocacy on the subject of overweight schoolchildren, State lawRead MoreSubway Case Analysis Essay1296 Words   |  6 Pagesthe state of Connecticut. (Subway History, 2006). A turning point for the partners was 1974, at this juncture the duo decided to take the business to a new level, franchising. Fast forward to 2006 Subway franchises now total more than 25,000 restaurants in 83 countries. Market Summary In a crowded US fast food market, the Subway brand risen to fill a key niche amongst consumers who were driven by panicked media coverage of the rapid rise in obesity. Subway marketing has been marketingRead MoreThe Effects Of Fast Food On Children991 Words   |  4 Pagesthat falls into the trap of fast food advertisement. Overall, the fast food industry should be more socially responsible and not direct their marketing strategy of unhealthy food choices to children; this will cut down the percentage of children suffering from childhood obesity that leads to various health issues. One might object here, that it is a free market and freedom of speech is part of the U.S. Constitution. However, everyone has a different opinion about fast food and boudaries must be respectedRead MoreWhat Are Millennials Are In Danger?1735 Words   |  7 PagesMillennials Are In Danger Technology is largely responsible for the cause of the obesity epidemic amongst young adolescents, whereas food runs at a close second in being responsible for the continuous problem. In the 70s, technology did not exist and all children had were each other for their entertainment, physical activities, and peer interactions. The food back then wasn’t highly processed or contained with lots of sugar, individuals would portion out their meals with correct amount of meat andRead MoreHow to Survive on the Paycheck of a Fastfood Worker Essay670 Words   |  3 Pagesof restaurants that beckon it’s beholders to become part of the great family that is the fast food industry. In fact, to the common eye, the industry seems optimistic, a venue of opportunity – at least for the meanwhile – and an environment of simplistic means. Hardly ever do you hear about the costs of bearing the franchised uniform. Perhaps the largest threat to any employee behind the counter of a fast food restaurant is the paycheck. Thousands of workers struggle to survive on their minimal payRead MoreObesity And Its Effects On Obesity895 Words   |  4 Pagesespecially in America.It is obvious we are losing the battle against obesity. Combating obesity and its numerous illnesses will not require more drugs to lower cholesterol, diet books. It will require rethinking our environment.Other measures need to be taken to tackle this international epidemic. Addressing this issue is no easy task,Several experts have suggested implementing a junk food tax by the government. This would provide funding to regulate junk food, it is advertising, and many other areas improvingRead MoreThe Evolution Of Public Health829 Words   |  4 Pagesnon-communicable diseases became our problem. Yet, we continue to see microbes fighting back. This is evident in our foods, waters, nosocomical infections, and bioterrorism, to name a few. Therefore, confronted with all these factors, it is impossible to determine how prepared we are for the next pandemic. Back in the early days of travel, it took months to travel across continents on food, animals, or boats, which means that if one is infected with a communicable disease, by the time it reach the unsuspectingRead MoreObesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay913 Words   |  4 Pagesespecially in America.It is obvious we are losing the battle against obesity. Combating obesity and its numerous illnesses will not require more drugs to lower cholesterol, diet books. It will require rethinking our environment.Other measures need to be taken to tackle this international epidemic. Addressing this issue is no easy task,Several experts have suggested implementing a junk food tax by the government. This would provide funding to regulate junk food, it is advertising, and many other areas improving

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A Critique Of An Intake Form - 1216 Words

Intake Form Critique In this paper, I will provide a critique of an intake form typically utilized by community behavioral health agencies in the state of Arizona. For providers managed by Cenpatico, the regional behavioral health provider (RBHA), the intake process involves completion of the CORE assessment. When a Case Manager or Recovery Coach refers a client to other specialty agencies, a copy of the CORE assessment is required. In a way, it is standard form utilized by many providers. Each agency may have different procedures whether the CORE is completed by staff on paper or via a computer through respective electronic health record systems. For our agency, the CORE is completed online with conditional logic where it allows the†¦show more content†¦This leads to an intake session extending beyond two hours, hindering the rapport between the Clinician or client. Intake sessions that take considerable time may also discourage the client to return to the next session due to fear that all services will be lengthy and tedious. To reduce these incidents but to also ensure a comprehensive assessment, the Clinician should be well versed with the order of questions to transition effectively. A Clinician who is also familiar with the CORE can jump to various sections as the client provide relevant data, which is more effective than asking to hold their thoughts until the appropriate section is reached. Are the questions reading level appropriate for the clients? Please explain your answer. The CORE is designed to be utilized in an interview or discussion format, not as a self-report questionnaire to be written in by the client. But in regards to the reading level, the CORE is appropriate for staff and clinicians with at least a high school diploma. The language utilized is also meant for a lay audience with minimal mental health jargons. Some examples of questions within the CORE include: â€Å"what are you seeking help for today?†, â€Å"how often are these an issue for you?† and â€Å"how will you know if things are better/improving?† (Cenpatico Integrated Care, 2006, pg. 14-15). Are the intake forms available in the language appropriate for the population the agency serves? In addition to English, the COREShow MoreRelatedIntake Form Critique : Intake1332 Words   |  6 PagesIntake Form Critique Intake is an important first step in developing a helping relationship with clients. Hepworth et al. (2013) note that as social workers, we must conduct multidimensional assessments of the problem in order to â€Å"identify the systems that play a significant role in the difficulty,† and also be able to â€Å"identifying relevant resources that can be tapped or must be developed† in order for treatment to occur. Conversely, if these assessments lack important information, cliniciansRead MoreMental Health Intake Form Critique. After Reviewing Several1545 Words   |  7 PagesMental Health Intake Form Critique After reviewing several mental health intake forms on the Internet, I selected the intake form from The Maple Counseling Center (TMCC) which is located in Beverly Hills, CA. The Maple Counseling Center focuses on delivering a variety of mental health services to clients of all ages, including youth, adults, couples, families, and group therapy. The actual intake form is four pages long. The intake packet that I downloaded was a total of 13 pages, but the additionalRead MoreThe Mental Health Multidimensional Intake Form For Clients Beginning Services At Fairview Counseling Centers Essay1248 Words   |  5 Pages Intake Form Critique Shelli J. Ness SWG 510: Foundation Practice I Arizona State University Online Fall 2016 Introduction In this critique, I will examine the mental health multidimensional intake form for clients beginning services at Fairview Counseling Centers in Minneapolis, MN. According to their website, this center encourages clients to have the intake forms completed before their initial intake appointment (2016). There are different forms depending on the client’s age and needs. ForRead MoreNutrition and Food Guide Servings1201 Words   |  5 Pagesadvertising pamphlet or the Internet. The article is to be from the popular press (directed at consumers) not from scientific literature. A copy (or photocopy) of the article must be submitted with your assignment. [1 mark] Write a critique (in point form) on this article. Include the following information: a. Identify the topic (this is not always the title of the article) of your article and where it was published (i.e. where you found the article). [2 marks]. b. Describe theRead MoreThe Navajo Nation Division Of Social Services1088 Words   |  5 PagesIntake Form Critique The Navajo Nation Division of Social Services (NDSS) intake form is used by three agencies under the NDSS umbrella for various services including child welfare for reservation residents, Indian Child Welfare for ICWA/state collaboration, local and off reservation adoption, as well as clinical treatment services. The intake form was developed in 2011 with the intent to gather and report Adoption, Foster Care, Analysis Reporting System (AFCARS) data to the federal government andRead MoreThe Health Issue Of College Students965 Words   |  4 Pagesdrinking rates within college have been know to sky rocket after transitioning out of high school, and moving forward as and adult. A critique of Berg, Ritschel, Swan, An, and Ahluwalia (2011) study, examines the correlation of hope in relations to alcohol use, binge drinking, smoking, exercise, and limiting of dietary fat among undergraduate college students. Critique of Research Problems, Research Questions, and Hypothesis The purpose of the study was to test the â€Å"hope in engaging in healthy behaviorsRead MoreCritique of an article from the Journal of Applied Physiology1124 Words   |  5 PagesCritique of an article from the Journal of Applied Physiology Effect of different protocols of caffeine intake on metabolism and endurance performance Introduction In 2002, a group of Australian researchers published a paper entitled the Effect of different protocols of caffeine intake on metabolism and endurance performance. Caffeine use during sporting events has become much more popular and has widely studied. The purpose of the research was to examine the work increasing (ergogenic)Read MoreDietary Counseling As A Platform For Preventive Therapy Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Over the years, there has been an emphasis on the need to watch one’s dietary intake in the wake of the many lifestyle and sedentary diseases. As a result, many healthcare practitioners have undertaken dietary counselling as a platform for preventive therapy to many diseases. In recent times, one key area that has received extensive attention in regards to nutrition is cancer. Despite the existence of many forms of cancer, global studies in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute agreeRead MoreAlcohol COnsumpt ion and the Risk of Dementia1341 Words   |  5 Pagesfor centuries, mainly due to its sometimes damaging effects on consumers. However, there are those who believe that consuming alcohol could actually prove to have health benefits as well. A study by Dutch scientists suggests that a low-to-moderate intake of alcohol could actually reduce the risk of dementia in elderly victims from age fifty-five and up. The article that outlines the study, titled Alcohol consumption and risk of dementia: the Rotterdam Study, introduces the experiment as a part ofRead MoreThe Health Risk Appraisal Tool1123 Words   |  5 Pages Link Completion of the Tool The health risk appraisal tool that I choose to complete and critique is titled My Life Check (American Heart Association, n.d.). Below is the link to access the tool. This health risk appraisal tool provides great explanations and is easy to comprehend and can be completed rather quickly. I completed the assessment tool in five minutes. The appraisal tool asks simple questions that pertain to daily lifestyles

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Price elasticity of Demand

Question: Discuss about the Price Elasticity of Demand. Answer: Demand and supply helps in analysing the mechanism in which market works. It helps in achieving the equilibrium state where the goods and services are produced and sold based on the decisions taken by the two phenomenons. In accordance with the demand and supply conditions, elasticity plays a major role in determining the effectiveness of the law of demand and supply (Rader, 2014). This report deals with the analysis of elasticity of demand. According to the law of demand, quantity demanded of a product decreases with an increase in price and increases with a decrease in price. Elasticity if demand helps in analysing the effectiveness of the change in quantity demanded with respect to change in price. It measures the magnitude of the change in quantity with the change in demand of the product (Nicholson Snyder, 2014). The aim of this report is to utilise the concept of elasticity of demand in explaining some real world examples. In order to do so, two articles have been chosen. One of the articles deals with the issue of housing prices and the other deals with comparison of change in demand for tobacco in developed and developing countries with the imposition of tax. In order to analyse both the cases, two different economic explanations has been provided which would help in understanding the concept of elasticity of demand with a better overview. Article 1 According to the news article published by the globe and mail on 13th march,2017, there has been a rise in the price of the houses in Toronto, not because of the shortage in the supply of houses, but due t the future expectations of the further rise in prices. According to josh Gordon, professor of Simon Fraser University, the rate of construction of the new houses and condominium units has been able to keep the pace with the rise in the population of the country; hence, there is a shortage in the supply of houses. It has been stated that the pre-existing homes in Toronto has not been able to come up for sale so far in the same volume as it has been in the past. Owners are waiting for the prices to soar up more in order to sell their houses, hence, new houses are being built in order to overcome the existing rise in demand. The expectation of future houses are being held as the major factor leading to further rise in the housing prices (Mail, 2017). According to the elasticity of demand, an effective change in the quantity demanded of the product due to the change in its price could be measured. Depending upon the type of good, being eth normal, luxury, inferior or necessity in nature, the elasticity of the product could range from zero to infinity (Rios, McConnell Brue, 2013). Houses are considered as luxury goods. With the expectation of the further rise in the Price of luxury product, it could be settled that the current price is considered lesser than the future process. Hence, with an elasticity of the product being greater than one, it could be stated that at the current prices of the houses, the change in the quantity demanded would be quite greater. This could be explained with the help of figure 1, below. Figure 1: Elasticity of Demand for Houses (Source: As Created By the Author) In figure 1, the relatively elastic in nature. A relatively elastic demand curve is flatter as drawn in the diagram and is market d. Let the price for future expectation be p1 and current price be p2. It could be seen that the corresponding demand for p1 is q1 and that of p2 is q2. As the elasticity of demand is more than one in this case, it could be seen that the difference between the changes in price is lesser than that of the magnitude of change in quantity demanded. Hence, it could be stated that with a slight expectation of a raise in price of the houses in future leads to a massive rise in the quantity demanded for the houses at the present state. Article 2 An article posted by tech featured on 30th January 2017, deals with the comparison of price elasticity of demand for tobacco in developed and developing countries. In this article it has been stated that the impact of tax on tobacco would raise the price of tobacco in the countries. Yet, the effect of change in the price of tobacco has not been able to generate similar responses in the change in quantity ended. With an increase in the price of tobacco there has been a higher fall in the quantity demanded of the product in developing countries than in the developed countries ("Price Elasticity Of Demand And Tax On Tobacco - Tech Featured", 2017). This could be explained with the aspect of elasticity of demand. Elasticity of demand measures the effectiveness of the change in quantity demand with respect to change in its price. A product which is less elastic for a group of people tends to show lesser change in the quantity demanded than with for the people who tends to be more elastic in nature (Acemoglu, Laibson List, 2017). In figure 2, there are two diagrams drawn. In the first one, the scenario if the developed countries has been taken into consideration whereas, the second part deals with the developing countries. The demand curve faced by the developed countries seems to be less elastic in nature than the demand curve for tobacco faced by the developing countries. In the case of developed countries when the price increase from p1 to p2, there is a slight fall in the downward for products from q1 to q2. Elasticity of demand for developed countries is less than one. In developing countries, ads the price of the product increase from p1 to p2, there is a considerable fall in the demand for tobacco from q1 to q2. This therefore shows that the elasticity for the demand of tobacco in such countries is more than 1. Both the scenario could be explained with the help of figure 2 below. Figure 2: Elasticity Of Demand For Air Travel (Source: As Created By The Author) Both the articles has been taken into consideration in order to frame the effect of elasticity of demand on real world examples. This helps in acknowledging the behaviour of the consumer depending upon the type of the goods. Whether the goods is considered as more elastic or less elastic in nature is completely dependent upon the consumers perspective. Real world example is considered to be more precise in analysing the elasticity of demand. Reference Acemoglu, D., Laibson, D., List, J. (2017).Microeconomics. Pearson. Mail, T. (2017). Demand fuels Toronto house prices, not lack of supply, study finds. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 3 April 2017, from Nicholson, W., Snyder, C. (2014).Intermediate microeconomics and its application. Nelson Education. Price Elasticity Of Demand And Tax On Tobacco - Tech Featured. (2017). Tech Featured. Retrieved 3 April 2017, from Rader, T. (2014).Theory of microeconomics. Academic Press. Rios, M. C., McConnell, C. R., Brue, S. L. (2013).Economics: Principles, problems, and policies. McGraw-Hill. Price Elasticity of Demand Question: What is the Price Elasticity of Demand ? Answer : Introduction A model can be defined as a framework that allows an easier explanation of complex economic processes. While the models may be true, others are false. The difference between the two is explained by certain conditions that has to be fulfilled for a model to be termed as positive. According to Ouliaris (2017), the job of the modern economy of the allocation of limited resources and the distribution of output to many agents makes it a complex machine. The agents include the government, individuals and firms. The action of any of the agents have an influence on the others either directly or indirectly. He noted that economists of today build models that acts as roadmaps to reality that helps in the understanding of the operations of the modern economy. The statement about the economic models being false is not accurate. The government should therefore continue using them for future predictions. The argument is that, predictions through economic models have been in most cases be positive. They help in simplifying the interpretation of various economic predictions. Measurable signals are emitted by economies in their allocation of goods and services which is an indicator of drive to complexity. For instance, the growth of output has been used as an explanation for the growth of an economy which is true since its as a result of improved investment level and increased level of employment. The models of inflation shows that it has a negative relationship with the unemployment rate; this has empirically been tested to be true. Formal explanations are invited in the case of empirical regularities given that the economy is complex. Models are important for prediction as they give the theorys implications and infer the consequences of makin g various assumptions Odekon (2006). The inner working of the economy could be understood better if the economists and the policy makers learnt more on the various processes that result in various stylized facts. The economy could be directed towards achieving a more desirable outcome when such knowledge is applied in the future predictions. This may include issues like the avoidance of a global financial crisis. Bearing the fact that economic outcomes lack objective measures, economic models are made subjective in design which acts as a very important feature. The forms taken by economic models according to Dwivedi (2006) are either mathematical equations, graphs or logical statements. Odekon affirms that business firms, individuals and governments need economic prediction in the planning of their future course; this is facilitated by applying various models. Economic models are divided into two broad categories the theoretical and empirical models. The theoretical models analyses economic behaviors and derives verifiable implications with an assumption of objectives maximization given various constraints clearly explained in the model. The answers provided by the theoretical models to specific questions are qualitative such as ways of handling market failures. The aim of the empirical models in contrast is to verify the theoretical models qualitative predictions by converting them to precise numerical outcomes. For instance, when considering the behavior of an agents consumption, the theoretical model indication that the expenditure is positively related to the agents income. On the other hand, the empirical models does a deeper analysis and tells us facts like the extent by which expenditure changes when income rises by specified units. According to Carr-Hill Stern (1977), the relevancy of economic models is raised by the fact that th ey allows for additional of new variables which improves the accuracy of results. Economic behavior theory is described by an economic model through a mathematical equation set. Useful clues about the behavior of rational agents or rather the working of the economy is derived from the inclusion of many equations in the economic model. The economic models could either be simple or rather complex. A simple model is for example when you consider how the demand for a specific product is influenced by its price. The higher the price of that product, the lower its demand and vice versa. The complex models include for example the prediction of an economys real level of output. Lipsey Chrystal (2011) noted that a model is accurate since it is developed from real economic observations. The economic models are useful in the real world if they are based of accurate assumptions Dwivedi (2010). He also noted that the behaviors of agents tend to be similar which improve the accuracy of an economic model. Source: The figure above shows that products such as gasoline have a low price elasticity of demand. A rise in the price of gasoline from $1 to $1.10, is a 10% increase. The resulting fall in the quantity demand is very little; from 20 to 19 gallons, its a 5% decrease. The result of dividing the % change in quantity demanded and the % change in price is 0.5. This is observed in the short run. In 2016, the PED for gasoline was -0.26 (Moffatt, 2016). This is a small magnitude of responsiveness. Source: The figure above shows that products such as sodas have an elastic price elasticity of demand. A rise in the price of six-pack sodas from $2 to $2.20, is a 10% increase. The resulting fall in the quantity demand is very little; from 1000 to 850 gallons, its a 15% decrease. The result of dividing the % change in quantity demanded and the % change in price is 1.5. The PED for a six-pack soda is relatively elastic (Kaplan, 2002). In 2015, the PED for soft drinks was 1.06 and that for sugar-sweetened beverages was 1.16 (Colchero, et al., 2015). This is a greater magnitude. In 2016, the PED for apples was -0.58 (, 2016). This is a small magnitude owing to the fact that the substitutes to fruits are so many. References Carr-Hill, R. Stern, N. (1977). Theory and Estimation in Models of Crime and its Social Control and their Relations to Concepts of Social Output. Colchero, M., Salgado, J., Unar-Munguia, M., Hernerndez-Avila, M., Rivera-Dommarco, J. (2015). Price elasticity of the demand for sugar sweetened beverages and soft drinks in Mexico. Retrieved 15 March 2017, from Dwivedi, D. (2006). Microeconomics: Theory and applications. New Delhi: Pearson Education. Dwivedi, D. (2010). Macroeconomics: Theory and policy. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill Education Pte Ltd. Kaplan, J. (2002). Principles of Microeconomics: Section 4 Main. Retrieved 15 March 2017, from Moffatt, M. (2017). Would a Gasoline Tax Cause People to Buy Less Gas?. ThoughtCo. Retrieved 15 March 2017, from Lipsey, R. Chrystal, K. (2011). Economics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ouliaris, S. (2017). Economic Models: Simulations of Reality. Retrieved 14 March 2017, from Odekon, M. (2006). Encyclopedia of world poverty. Thousand Oaks, Calif: SAGE Publications. (2016). USDA ERS - Food Demand Analysis. Retrieved 15 March 2017, from